Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My New Easy and Cheap Scrapbooking Organizing System

*warning, terrible photos ahead*

I have been struggling with the best way to organize my 
scrapbooking stuff ever since I began scrapbooking. 
There is just so much of it and it keeps growing! 

I have tried several different ways to organize and store,
 each with their own problems. 

First I started out with one of these carts. 

I love these removable drawers with lids. I
 like being able to stack and store my finished pages and know they are protected.
I still use the drawers for pages in process or finished pages waiting to be placed in albums.

  I thought this kind of storage would be perfect for papers and embellishments but I underestimated my ability to collect supplies.
This system lasted about a year.

Then I decided I needed a place to store all of my paper pads so I tried this.... 

It wasn't a bad system if I never left the house. Paper can be very heavy! 
So this did not work. Just too big and heavy.

But now I believe I have found the perfect solution for organizing all my scrapbook
 supplies and making them easy to transport and still be able to find what I need.
I  have to give big thank you to my friend Denise who came up with this system.
She is a scrapbooking genius! 

The best thing about this system is that 
it is really inexpensive. 

It makes finding papers and embellishments so much faster and easier.
You are gonna love it!

All you need is a box of  2 gallon Ziplock baggies, and a 10 gallon Sterilite container from Wal-mart!
I think I paid $5 for this one. 

 I used the 2 gallon baggies to organize my papers and embellishments.
 I made a list of all the different topics for the bags I would need.
 I had around 15 different topics. 
Everyone's topics will vary depending on what you like to scrapbook. 

12 x 12 papers and paper pads fit perfectly in these bags along with 
all alphabets and embellishments. 

Here is a view of my container full of my bags and card stock!  

I also store my color card stock in the same container to make sure it is full.
 8 x 11 1/2 papers fit perfectly down the side for extra storage.
 You want your container to be full so that all your baggies
 will stand vertically and not bend your papers. 

This system  is so convenient. 
When I am doing a camping page,
 I just pull the camping baggie and all of my papers and embellishments are right there. No more digging through drawer after drawer to find matching papers and embellishments.

Another great advantage... it is easy to transport. 
The lid closes completely so there is no danger of damaging 
my papers on the way to a crop.

 As my collection grows, I can just start filling another container.  One can never get too heavy to carry because of the size. 
They are also stack-able to make it perfect for a dolly.
 Makes going to crops so easy! 

Here is the list of my topics to help get you started...

Pool and Beach
Camping and Outdoors
School Days
Home and Family

Give this system a try and let me know how it works for you. 
Happy Scrapping!