Friday, May 18, 2012

My Deck Needed Something...

When we are not camping and at home on the weekends, 
I am a house person! 
I love piddling around the house.
 From planting flowers to making wreaths and 
just decorating, in general.

This past weekend was no different.
We planted flowers in the deck planters, put ferns in the front porch urns and added herbs to my herb gardens.
I had one problem...
we have this big blank wall on the back of my house that has been driving me crazy. 
It was plain, boring, and empty. 
It seemed heavy, if that makes any sense. 

You can see the deck from the road so I really have to be
 careful what I put there. 

I thought about hanging one of those big metal stars... 

My house is very federal, so I thought that 
would be a really good solution. 
 But, I really want my house to be different from everyone else. 
 So, after 3 years of looking at an empty boring wall, my husband remembered these really big set of  black shutters we had laying around....  


I had to take the pictures so my baby girl 
Sarah helped with the holding.

 She wouldn't turn around since she didn't have her make up on. lol

I love them,
they just add the element that was missing!

I will be working on a wreath. I don't like that needs some help. 

I love the over all look!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Walking the Campground

One thing I am looking forward to this Summer...

Our favorite camping activity, 

 Walking the campground.
I know it probably sounds boring to some, but
oh how I love it.

Why? you ask...

 I love the smell of the campfires, lights hanging from camper awnings, laughter of children playing and all the different styles of campers, and all the sweet people we meet. 

It just doesn't get any better.
For those of you even considering getting started into camping, I suggest parking your car at your closest campground at dusk and just walk through. 
You will see what I mean!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's That Time Of Year-Tick Season

Just a reminder...
Now that things are blooming and Spring is in full swing, 
it is time to start keeping an eye out for Ticks.

(images from Web MD)

Our early spring camping trip was just a few weeks ago and we  found a tick on our campin' puppy Beasley
They are out there early this year, 
so be careful and diligent to check for these 
ugly disease carrying bugs. 
Not my favorite part of camping!