Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Favorite Scrapbook Store

Tomorrow I will be going to my very favorite Scrapbook store.
This visit is to kick off a 3 day scrapbooking crop!

I just love their unique stock of scrapbook products.
 I can always find something different and inspiring 

On the second floor is this wonderful crop room where they host
 crops and an array of different craft classes

This store is the ultimate scrapbook experience!

If you want to see more of this cool store, take the tour.
 Click on the link below and then click video tour

If you love Scrapbooking, you will LOVE this store! 


Crop Retreats

I mentioned yesterday that some of my best girlfriends and I are going on a
 week-end scrapbooking retreat.

 We have been counting down the days for months now.
 The excitement is just too much and
 I am about to pop!
There is just something about getting away, piling up, and scrapbooking with
 women who love it like you do, that is so much fun!

For this trip we have chosen to get away, on our own,
 to a vacation resort a few hours away from our hometown.
We will be hauling our own tables, lamps and food up to a large 3 bedroom condo.
Setting up and tearing it all down by ourselves.
We  decided to do it this way because of our varying schedules,
and to save a little money.

With that being said, let me say this,
there is an easier way!

Two years ago, my friends and I went on a retreat hosted by

This is my favorite scrapbooking store, hands down!

These ladies really know what they are doing when it comes to all things scrapbooking.
We were pampered and fed the whole week-end.
We received a t-shirt, goody bag, food and plenty of room to scrap. They also bring lots of extra supplies and card stock to each retreat so you never have to worry about not having something you might need.

The cabin was beautiful and we had a wonderful time!
Thank you City Chicks for making it so fun!
They host several of  these retreats through out the year so
if you are thinking of going on a week-end scrapbooking retreat, I would start with them!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snacks for a Crop

In a few days I leave for a three day Scrapbooking crop!
That's right,
three whole days of scrapbooking with my best girl friends.
It doesn't get any better than that. 
Each of us have decided to bring a snack to share. Since I have to work the two days before we leave,
 I need to make my snack in advance.

Normally, I would make this...
Caramel Corn
(from one of my all time favorite blogs)

It is the perfect scrapbooking snack,
but it takes a little longer to make. Plus, it would never last the two days sitting around in my kitchen.
 It is my family's favorite snack.

Scrapbooking snacks are hard because you have to be so careful.
If the snack is too greasy, then you run the risk of getting grease all over your photos.
Same goes for snacks that are covered in powdered sugar.

So here is what I decided to make...

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

1 Pkg Quick and Easy Melting White Bark
1 Bag Rold Gold Pretzels
Green Sugar (for St Patricks Day)

Melt white bark according to pkg directions,
dip pretzels in bark and lay to dry on wax paper
Sprinkle with green sugar

Easy and Done!
I am sooooo excited!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It' Time for a Bath...

The Calendar may not agree, 
but Spring has arrived in East Tennessee;

so, at our house that means...

It's time to wash the camper!
Not Fun!

Here is a short list of things we have learned....

1. It must be done
It is one of those things you don't really want to do, but in the end,
 it makes all the difference in the life of your camper. 

2. Use the Right Stuff
Your camper is not a car, so don't wash it like one.  You can wash your car with dish washing detergent and rinse it off and you are good. No so with a camper. The detergent will dry out the seals around your windows and seams. We learned this the hard way.

Here is what we use. 
We purchased this bottle at Walmart

This is our camper and it took 1 bottle to do the job.
(Look at him working hard)

3. Use the Right Tools
Make sure you have a long handle soft bristle brush.
 A hose that will reach all the way around your camper (check this before starting, obviously)
 and a 5 gallon bucket.
A small brush to get the tires and steps.

4. Wash in Sections
Keep it simple. Remember small sections; fewer errors. 
Break your camper down into manageable sections. Rinse first, then wash. 
Rinse again before starting your next section.
 You don't want your soap to dry on the camper.
 Keeping it sectioned out, makes it easier, and gives you opportunity to take breaks.

5. Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor
(my husband says...after you put all your stuff up)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet Miss Beasley

This is the best camping puppy ever!

Meet Miss Beasley!

 She literally knows when we are getting ready to go camping. When she see us loading up the camper, she matches us step for step, back and forth to the camper, her tail wagging the entire time.

 Don't tell this puppy she can't have chocolate, she can eat smore's with the best of them!

Everyone should have a camping puppy like this one!

The Sweet Spot

For our kind of camping, the perfect camping chair is a must. 
You need to have one place that is comfortable enough to make you want to spend
 more time outside the camper.
 If all you have is a picnic table bench or those canvas chairs that come in a bag, 
you will  probably end up back inside the camper.
Then you could end up missing out on the best part of camping...
 "The Sweet Spot"
I have the perfect Sweet Spot for you!

Here it  is....

 My Camping Chair

It is the perfect place for the afternoon nap by the campfire. 

Camping World has these on sale right now. 

They range in price from $59.99 to $150.  
It is well worth every penny.