Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bridal Shower

This weekend, I did one of my favorite things....
I planned and hosted a party at my house.
We celebrated my niece Amanda's pending nuptials with a bridal shower.

 I have no idea why I love this kind of thing, but I do.
 It's hard work, expensive and still, I love it...
all of it!
 Planning, shopping, cooking and even, cleaning.
I love that my house gets cleaned and "fluffed" and we get to enjoy it for days.
I love all the family paper work that piles up everyday has to be dealt with.
(that might be my favorite part)

My mom and I made up our own punch recipe
 and I thought it turned out well.
 Here's what we did...

1/3 Part White Grape Juice
2/3 Part Ginger Ale
Sliced Pineapple and some of the juice.
(to taste)
Vanilla Ice Cream

I also tried my hand at floral design...

Note to self...Hydrangeas wilt if their stems don't reach the water. duh.
 I was stuffing fresh blooms in this arrangement all morning.
 It ended up being beautiful, but I will remember this for next time.
 I am still learning about the floral stuff.

One other thing that I think worked well...
A Tea and Coffee station. It seemed to be a hit.

 I had to serve the frosted grapes .Of course, they were it hit.

I guess my favorite part of these things would have to be the left over food.
 We will be eating cupcakes and chicken salad for days.

That's a good thing in my book!