Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Camping in Roan Mountain

This past weekend was not officially Fall but it sure felt like it up in the mountains of East Tennessee.

I would say this camping trip to Roan Mountain one of our best!

Our camper sat on the hill directly over this beautiful mountain stream.

The mountain air was crisp and clear.
 It was warm during the day and chilly at night which made the campfire dreamy. 
A good book makes a restful camping trip even better!

We hiked only once. 
The rain moved in and we had to cut it short but the beauty of the mountains is
 worth walking in the rain. 

My all time favorite hike is the Cloudland Trail at the very tip top of Roan Mountain. 
I hesitate to call it a "Hike" because it is only .02 miles. 
Yes, it is ridiculously short but in the words of my husband
 "it smells like Christmas". 

You walk under the pine trees to get to an over look that has to be
 one of the most beautiful places on this planet!
I couldn't get a picture of that wonderful view because we were right in the middle of a cloud.
When I go back, I will for sure get that picture to share with you.

Roan Mountain Campground Review is in the works.
Stay tuned!