Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Smash Book Is Here!!

Okay, I couldn't wait for 40% off so I settled for 20% off. lol
I was going to wait, but thanks to my sweet Mother, I didn't have to! 

Thank you Mom, you are the best!

Not only did I buy a Smash book, but I decided it was a better deal to buy the Smash Book kit
It cost little more but it comes with a few extra pieces that I loved and was cheaper than buying them all separately.

I decided on the pink one. It just seemed to fit my style the best.
 I didn't know there was that big of a difference, but there is. 
Be sure to flip through the pages before purchasing to make 
sure you get the one you will love.

I started smashing last night, and I love it!! my junk drawers are getting thinner by the minute!
 I will post some photos later.
(as if you really care about the stuff in my junk drawer, haha)

The whole process made me think and has inspired me to do this with my recipes.

 Now, I am not one of those organized people who neatly writes all my recipes on those cute little cards and puts them safely in those plastic sleeves.  No, my recipes are written on every thing from note paper to scrap envelopes from old thank you notes.

Here is what my recipe pile looks like right now....
and that's not even all of it.

That's right, just stuffed into an old cookbook notebook. 

My project for the next few days?....
Make this my recipe book a smash book!

I will post pictures when I am done. 
This is going to be fun!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SMASH Book from K&Company

Look what I have found!!

I know,
I am so far behind, this video is a year old, but I am finally getting it! 

 This idea of this book just soooo fits the way my brain works. 

I see ideas, little things everyday I want to keep.  I have notebooks in my purse that I scribble ideas in, drawers filled with tickets, old drivers license and cards  that I just can't bare to part with. I also have 2 whole books shelves filled with magazines that I won't throw out because of  maybe one idea inside. 
With this book, I could go through all of them and tear out the ideas I love and have a place to keep them all.
I knew a single page from a magazine would just get thrown in the trash after a few months of laying around in a drawer.
This book would help me organize those thoughts, ideas and memories that are not scrapbook worthy.
The Smash books are available at Michaels  for $12.  That isn't a lot, but I am waiting for one of their  50% off coupons. $6.00 sounds way better to me, especially since I will probably will have to buy more than one!

Oh and they have a ton of accessories you can buy to go with them and since I know I will want some of those too, I will wait for a coupon!

If you don't have a Michaels near you,  you can purchase one here...