Monday, March 28, 2016

Wow, Has It Been That Long??!!


I thought about how I should start off this post.
 Something with me saying how sorry I am that's it's been so long since I last posted.....
but let's get real,
 did it really change anyone's life?

 I mean really, did you even miss me? lol

I am fully aware that  
 what I have to say here on this blog isn't really earth shattering or life changing!
 Or even that interesting if the truth is told! 

So I won't apologize or say something sappy like "Sorry to have let you down" or "I'll do better" because reality is, I probably won't.

So with that out of the way, I want to share whats new around here!

Did you notice the name change??

I have started what I like to call my little "side hustle".

 A small business I call

"Monday Misc"

You see, Monday's are my day off from my real job and
 the day I like to spend making creative stuff.
I'm not sure exactly how it all started but it sure is fun.
So my blog is now going to be about all of that. I will still be sharing scrapbooking and camping but I'm going to make the focus of this blog about my business.

 In this small side hustle I make several things...

leather Travelers notebooks

Inserts  and fun accessories for them

I also make hand stamped Spoon necklaces, spoon bookmarks and lots of other fun "stuff"

As you can see my favorite thing to make, by far, are my Travelers Notebooks!!

I jokingly call them "Honeydoris".

My love for them all started when I received a Midori travelers notebook for Christmas a year ago
 and I just fell in love.
I decided that I wanted to improve the design for myself and started making my own modified version that worked better for me.

 I am now selling them in my
ESTY shop

I make them in several different colors and sizes.

 I also make fabric ones too!

The other side to this tiny business is that
I have decided to try my hand at being a vendor at a few festivals this year.

I am starting this new adventure at

Garden Faire in Abingdon VA
April 22-24, 2016

It is right around the corner. I'm not going to lie,
and  I am so nervous.
I have been prepping for months now


 I know it will be fun and I absolutely love talking to and meeting new people.
That's not what I'm nervous about, that's the easy part!

I'm nervous about two things really...

1. that no one will understand or "get" the whole Travelers Notebook thing
 and won't buy any.

Or, and this is really what scares me,

 2.  that they will be so popular and we won't have enough "stuff".

Either way, I'm working hard and doing my best and I am
gonna leave the rest up to the Lord and enjoy spending time with the people!

 My oldest daughter has decided to join me in the
"making of the stuff".
She has been sewing her fingers to the bone to get ready!

She has been making Garden bags, tea towels and Garden shirts. They are all so darling. She also has an ETSY shop here at the
 Redman Roost

She is going to be there all weekend to help me sell too.
 I can not wait!!

So that's it for now, you are all caught up!

Thanks for stopping by and spending a little time letting me share my life with you!