Friday, June 1, 2012

My New Wind Chime And A Change

While visiting the Grayson Highlands Visitors Center this past week-end,
we found this hand crafted wind chime.
I think it's perfect for my back deck!

My favorite part about this chime is it's wonderful deep tone.
You can't beat the sound of a deep toned wind chime on a windy day.
 I find it so haunting and soothing.
Don't you just love the bear! 
I like bears, what can I say?!

They had several sizes and styles available,
and you can choose your own unique wind catcher for the bottom.

They are all hand made in Maine by this company
 North Country Bells

I love all of them!

Now on a totally different subject, 

 We have decided to take the dining booth out of the camper.
We very rarely use it for eating. It becomes a gathering place for junk and
 it just takes up too much space.

I will let you know how it turns out!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starting Something New...Blog Stalking

Since I am a "self confessed blogaholic", 
I decided to start a series called
"Blog Stalking".
I plan to share posts from other blogs that inspired me, encouraged me or just made me say WOW.
My goal is to do this once a week.

Just click on the links below the photos to connect to the posts.

Here are some of my favorites from this week..

Scott at Scrappy Happiness did three new layouts that really 
challenged me to layer and sew more on my scrapbook pages

The Nester found some wonderful ideas for using embroidery hoops around the house..
I love the one that is a photo mobile.

Last but not least...
 My favorite store, that I live too far away from to ever visit and that closed, has now re-opened in
an outlet form. This lady is one of the most talented designers I have ever seen.
Every post she has inspires me!
I am always so excited to see what she will come up with next!
 Curious Sofa

Here is why I love her.
This is the post from years ago that made me what to visit her our store so badly...
Halloween 2009 at Curious Sofa

I hope you enjoy this new series!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family and Friends around the Campfire!

While camping this past week-end,
we had some family and friends visit the campsite and join us for dinner around the camp fire.
As I have said before, that is the best part of camping!

There were so many of us, I thought for sure the camp hosts were going to kick us out. 
We were so loud! 

Food just tastes better around the campfire!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waterfalls, Mountain Tops and Wild Ponies

What a great Memorial Day weekend!

We just returned from a three day weekend at Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia.
While we were there, we did three separate hikes.
This place is full of  gorgeous hiking trails.
Now, let me clarify...we are not avid hikers. So, if I say it was wonderful, that means it was short and had something to enjoy at the end!
This is Cabin Creek Trail

Twin Pinnacles...

And then on to the wild ponies...they were amazing!

Meet Fabio...

Tomorrow I will let you know what we thought of the campground. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Comfy Campfire 101

The best part of camping is the 
The benefits...
the warmth,
 the smell,
 the food,
the stories,
the friends,
and it is a great bug repellent.

A good ol' campfire is one of the main reasons we love camping! 
It is almost always the center piece of our trip.
 It's where we gather together as a family at night. 

Since it is such an important element to camping, I thought I should show you how we get ours started and some things to remember....

1. Only use fire-pits the campground provides. If they don't have a fire-pit, we don't go to that campground.

2. Clear any debris from around the pit. Especially, during the fall when dry leaves can really be a hazard.

3. Gather your wood. We usually bring our own, but you must check with each state. Some do not allow you to bring "out of state" wood with you.
Most campgrounds will have wood for sale, unless there is a burn-ban in effect.

4. We cheat....we use fire starter sticks. They are available in just about every grocery store, now, and they will make your life so much easier!!
(remember, we are "comfy campers". no rubbing sticks together for us) 

5. Place fire starter in center of cleared fire-pit, put kindling in a pyramid over it.

6. Light with lighter or matches. When the fire gets going, you can add larger logs.

 Safety First
Here are some things you must not overlook...

Never leave your fire unattened...for any reason.
Never build your fire too close to tent, camper, or car.
Make sure to always extinguish the fire.
Only build the size of fire you will need.