Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mini Book Class

 I am about to do something way outside of my comfort zone.
I am (gulp).....teaching a Mini Book class.

My boss has decided to add classes to the list of services that our store will be providing. 
  I brought in a few of my mini books as an idea for a class and she suggested I teach it.
Its a great idea and will be a lot of fun but since I have never taught a class,
 I am a tiny bit nervous.
 I have to admit that even though I am nervous, I am really excited about the challenge. 

Instead of just jumping right into it and winging it, 
I decided it would be a good idea to do a practice class.
So, I asked a few my closest friends, 
who are also advanced scrapbookers, to let me practice on them.

They were all so sweet and patient and so helpful in my first run through.
 I really appreciate their willingness to come out on a cold winter night, 
pile up in my basement just to help me. 
It went beautifully!
 Honestly, it was so much fun I want to do it again.
 I learned so much and they gave me so many helpful 
suggestions that I will definitely utilize in my class. 

Here are a few samples of the style of Mini books that we will be making.
We will be using the "Back to Back" method of book binding.
 It is probably my favorite binding method, 2nd only to my "Bind it All".

 I love the versatility of these little books.
 You get to decide how many pages, how wide, how tall and
 how fancy or simple you want to make your book.
It is all you and your style!

They are made with just basic scrapbook paper and adhesive
 so that means they are inexpensive too!
These little books are perfect for memory keeping or scrapbooking.
I love being able to fill them with a ton of photos and journaling.

With Mothers day coming up in the next few months, 
these would make a great handmade gift for mom. 

My friend Beth gave me one of the best quotes
 I have heard in a while is this,

"Handmade gifts come with the most love"

I just love that!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days, Scrapbooking and No Guilt

It is snowing at our house 
and it's a good one too! 
One of those snows that stops everything! Even the Mall is closed. 
We are accustom to getting some pretty good snow storms around here so for the Mall to be closed tells you how big this one is.

Isn't it Beautiful!

For me, being stuck at home is wonderful!
 If I'm stuck in the house, 
I am scrapbooking and today I am stuck in the house!

I realize there are some people who really struggle with winter blues, and I really do feel for them. This kind of day is really hard for them.
But I am not one of those people.
 Actually, I am just the opposite.
When it is summer time and the weather is beautiful outside, I 
feel so guilty if I work inside and I'm not outside making the most of a pretty day.
For me summer is hard because I am not a real outdoorsy kind of gal.
 Now I do enjoy camping and hiking and plenty of out door activities but if I'm at home, I am not one to be out in the yard. Now, what that means for me? 
 I always feel like I am missing out or doing something terribly
 wrong by missing out or not being inside on a beautiful day!

That's why I love snow Days so much! 
No quilt! None at all! 
I can just scrapbook for hours and not feel the least bit of guilt! 

What have I been doing with my wonderful Snow Day you ask???

 I made a mini-book that has been flouting around
 in my head for days. 

I haven't chosen the photos to go in this album yet but I just love the way it has turned out.

I also felt like making some cards after watching 
Heidi Swapp's new video here on
Now I just need about 10 more snow days!

If you are struggling with winter blues, 
go pull out some scrapbook supplies and photos of your family
 and enjoy some memories! 

It might just make your winter a little brighter!