Saturday, March 10, 2012

Organizing My Scrap Stuff On a Budget, Part Two

In Part One I showed you how I dealt with paper storage when just starting out in scrapbooking. 
Well today I am going to show you where it eventually lead me. Because I am such a paperaholic, I quickly outgrew my wonderful drawer organizer. What can I say, I love paper! 
I now use that organizer for finished pages and embellishments. Still my favorite organizer!

Here is a photo of the paper storage solution that I use now...
Simple but Effective

This clear plastic tub holds a ton of paper pads and papers. You can find these tubs just about anywhere and they are very inexpensive. 
They  hold so much paper that  I started by placing two plastic bins within the tub. If you look really close you can see them. This really helps in the beginning, when you don't have enough paper 
to keep them standing upright. 
 I keep my paper pads in one of the two bins and loose paper in the other.
To keep my papers in some sort of order and to make them easier to find when I need them, I made tabs out of card stock and organized them in several different categories. I choose to group mine by colors and seasons. This was a tough decision considering there are so many different ways you could categorize and so many different patterns of papers. This is the system I found that works best for me.

One other great thing about this large tub is that it has a lid to keep your papers safe and dry. 
Also, I can just pick it up and take the whole thing with me when I go to crops.
 Although I recommend getting someone really strong to carry it for you.
 It is extremely heavy and will kill your back!

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