Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daniel Boone Inn

Okay, this is the last Boone, NC post...I promise! 
But before I can end the series, I have to mention one of the best restaurants in the area;
Daniel Boone Inn

My family use to stop here to eat breakfast every 
year on our way to the beach. 
It was two hours out of our way, but we loved it that much.
I had not eaten there since I was a girl.

These pictures were taken on my pitiful phone. If you happen to see my husband out and about, remind him how much I need a new smart phone! 
Sorry about the quality.

Dinner at the Inn is served Family Style.

And we ate it Family Style!

Then, dessert!
Chocolate cake with butter cream icing...

and banana pudding.
The coffee tasted just like my grandmothers.
I think it has to be from a percolator.

This restaurant has been in business for 53 years and I can see why;
really good food and wonderful service!
We will make the drive back to eat and eat and eat and eat, but probably not pulling a camper.

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