Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow and Scrapbooking

Thank the Lord, the power just came back on!
Now, I love snow, and it is beautiful but without electricity it is just plain stressful.
I was ready ...
I carried in a bunch of wood,

Gathered the candles,

 And cleaned off my scrapbook space. Just in case I could make a way to scrap by candle light.

When the snow first started falling, and before the power went out, we were all so excited. 
A day at home all together with food and fire.

This sweet young man built me a snowman.

 Is that not the happiest little snowman you have ever seen?!

Well, the excitement ended when the power went out.
Just so you know, I can not scrap by candle light :(

Before all the snow began, I was on a scrapbook roll.
I've have had the best time. Winter just makes me want to scrapbook all the more.

Here are just a few pages I have finished in the past few days. 

Sorry about the poor quality of the photographs.
 I just haven't found the best way to photograph my pages yet. I'm working on it.

My next project is to learn all I can about stamping.
After watching a few videos about stamping, I think it is something I want to learn more about.

 My first step is going to be to have a Stampin up Party.
Doesn't that sound like fun?

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