Monday, March 4, 2013

Chicken and Dumplings recipe

Even though winter is almost gone, I decided to go ahead and post my Chicken and Dumplings recipe. 
I'm sure there will probably be a few more cold days before Spring,
 so you can give this recipe a try.

We have this big bowl of goodness at least once every two weeks through out the winter. 
Because I have never really been great at balance in the diet realm,
 I usually fix a big batch of mac and cheese to go with it. 
Doesn't that just look sinfully good!

I know all of you healthy eaters out there are probably dropping your jaw right now,
 but like I said, healthy balance has never really been my strong suit.

Okay, here is the recipe...

1 whole Chicken, cut in large pieces
Bisquick Mix
Salt and pepper
In a large pot (I prefer an enamel coated cast iron, but any large pot will do),
cover chicken pieces with water, salt liberally and bring to a boil.
 Cook chicken until cooked through and tender. (I cook mine until it is falling off the bones)
one side note, don't use boneless chicken breast, the bone is what gives this dish so much flavor!

While the chicken is cooking, start your dumplings. 
I put 3 cups of bisquick in a large mixing bowl. Add milk until moist and sticky. Usually around a 1 1/2 cups of milk will do. You can follow the recipe on the box for biscuits if you can't eyeball it.
Pour dough out onto a flowered surface. I knead mine with extra flour until dough is springy. Roll out to about an inch thick. Cut into one inch squares.

When chicken is cooked, remove from pot and pull from bone, shred and set aside.
 Discard bones.

After removing chicken, pour the broth through a strainer and then return to pot.  Add enough water to fill the pot 2/3 full.
Bring back to a boil. 
When broth is at a rolling boil start dropping dumplings in one at a time until they are all in.

 I keep a small pile of flour next to my dough and roll each dumpling in the flour before dropping in the pot.  This will thicken your broth as you go.

The dumplings will puff up and float to the top.
  It will look like you won't have enough room but just keep adding and stirring into the broth. When the dumplings shrink and start to sink, your dumplings are done.

Now add back in your shredded chicken.
If the sauce is too thick, you can just add a little more water.

 Check your salt and pepper to taste and they are done!


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