Monday, November 11, 2013

Heidi Swapp Inspired

As you can obviously tell, I am on a Mini Album kick right now. 
My latest one is of my sweet grand-baby, Aly. I decided I wanted to put all of my favorite pictures of her, from her 1st year, in one mini album. 
It was really hard to pick my favorites since there were so many.

I have been playing around with some of memory files by Heidi Swapp and thought the mini ones would make an adorable background for these photos and I was right!
So I chose a few of Heidi Swapp's mini memory files, along with a few other double sided papers from my scraps stash and here it is....

My goal for  this project was to try something different and new for each page.
 It was a challenge to myself and it made it so much more fun. 

Page one, I use my hand writing mixed with stamping. 

On this page,along with my handwriting and stamping, 
I tucked a tag with another picture just for fun.
I love little  hidden extras! Makes it so fun.

Simplicity on this page, I love it!

Water fall pages with banners and stars.

This one is my favorite!
 I had so much fun drawing this ribbon, turning a tag up side down and
 spraying with Gold Color Shine!  

Brackets and stacked flip pages 

 I incorporated Aly's birthday party invitation with Washi tape.

And there you have it...

My favorite mini album to date!
I can't wait to do the same for our sweet baby James this time next year! 
This one was so much fun that I may go ahead and get a head start on it now!

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