Friday, April 4, 2014

Scrapbooking My Faith, A Challenge To Myself

Something you should know about me, if you don't already...

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
 I've been a Christian since the age of 10.
 He is what my whole life is centered around or at least He is what it should be centered around.
I am not perfect at putting Him first, but that is the goal.

 What I didn't realize, until now,
 is how little of my faith ends up on my actual scrapbook pages.
That really surprised me.
Oh sure, I've done a few pages about church events, church plays and parties at church but
I have never really scrapbooked about my actual faith and
 I very rarely incorporated scriptures onto my pages.

That is about to change.
I have recently been inspired by a mini album,
created by my good friend Elizabeth.

She just finished the most beautiful December Daily album.
Definitely one of my favorites to date and
on almost every page she incorporated scripture for that day.

What a sweet gift to her future grandchildren.
Don't you just love seeing your grandmother's hand written recipes?
Imagine how wonderful it would have been if she left you hand written
scriptures and stories of her walk with the Lord.

 Isn't that what Scripture tells us to do in Deuteronomy 6:7-9.
It talks about teaching your children as you go about your day
and writing down the things God has done for you.
He never want us to forget His faithfulness.
Remembering His goodness grows our faith and helps us trust Him all the more.

Here are a few pictures of her album so you can see for yourself how
wonderfully she incorporated scripture into her scrapbook.
She put scripture right on the front cover and in her own hand writing.
(I could not get my camera to focus like I wanted to, but you get the idea)

On this page she listed their Christmas traditions.
 I just love that too.
I bet 20 years from now, her children will be so blessed to look back
 and be reminded of such sweet memories. I know I would love it!

So here is the challenge to myself, and to you....

 Begin incorporating Scriptures, family traditions and our daily
 walk with the Lord into our scrapbooks!

Another bonus to this challenge...
  by incorporating scripture onto our pages,
 we will be searching through God's word more and more.
Which is always a good thing.

The reality is that all good things come from God above and
I want to be sure I give Him all the Glory!