Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crop Retreats

I mentioned yesterday that some of my best girlfriends and I are going on a
 week-end scrapbooking retreat.

 We have been counting down the days for months now.
 The excitement is just too much and
 I am about to pop!
There is just something about getting away, piling up, and scrapbooking with
 women who love it like you do, that is so much fun!

For this trip we have chosen to get away, on our own,
 to a vacation resort a few hours away from our hometown.
We will be hauling our own tables, lamps and food up to a large 3 bedroom condo.
Setting up and tearing it all down by ourselves.
We  decided to do it this way because of our varying schedules,
and to save a little money.

With that being said, let me say this,
there is an easier way!

Two years ago, my friends and I went on a retreat hosted by

This is my favorite scrapbooking store, hands down!

These ladies really know what they are doing when it comes to all things scrapbooking.
We were pampered and fed the whole week-end.
We received a t-shirt, goody bag, food and plenty of room to scrap. They also bring lots of extra supplies and card stock to each retreat so you never have to worry about not having something you might need.

The cabin was beautiful and we had a wonderful time!
Thank you City Chicks for making it so fun!
They host several of  these retreats through out the year so
if you are thinking of going on a week-end scrapbooking retreat, I would start with them!


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