Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Did I Mention I Am A House Person Too?

I love my home! I think that is why I love camping so much;  
I get to take a piece of home with me when we travel. 

My husband and I are both house people. Yes, I said both. We love beautiful homes,
 and work very hard to make ours nice. 

I decided not to focus my blog on home decor because 
there are so many great blogs on this topic.
I consider myself a mimic instead of an innovator, but every now and then,
 I would like to bring a little of my home into this blog. 

 For Spring we did a little sprucing up!

I love this vignette. It is a focal point in our family room. 
It just seemed dark for spring so my 
husband decided a fresh coat of paint would freshen it up.


I love it!

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