Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grayson Highlands State Park Campground Review

Grayson Highlands State Park

Let me begin by saying, 
we did not stay in the main campground so my review may not be totally fair.
We actually camped in the stable camping area.
It was Memorial Day weekend so they it was used as the overflow campground.

There were around twenty sites in this area. 
We did visit the main campground and it was very nice and much larger. 
One of the things we loved about staying on this side was watching the horses come and go.
I also learned something new. Horse trailers are actually campers on one end 
and a horse trailer on the other.
 I had no idea you could camp with your horse!
Photo from Google images

Okay, back to the campground...
 The sites are extra long, so there is plenty of room for 
gathering around the fire without feeling crowded.
The fire rings are actually in the back of the site so the smoke from the fire did not fill the
 camper like most campsites.... 
I loved that. 
The Park was beautiful with several different hikes. There is a lot to do and see.
 I recommend seeing the wild ponies.

As beautiful and all there was to do at this campground and Park,
 I can not give this campground our Comfy Campground Stamp of Approval. 

Our number one complaint; there was only ONE shower in the
 bathhouse for a campground with twenty sites.
There was almost always a line and I ended up taking take a cold shower....
 Not fun!
I normally shower in the camper, but with no sewer available, 
we were limited on gray tank space.
There is very little cell service depending on your server. I have AT&T and I had none.
Our friends have Verizon and they had a little.
I also must warn you  that the drive over was a tough one too.
Very curvy, steep, and narrow roadways!
So, if you are brave and willing to take cold showers, this is a very beautiful place to camp.


  1. Seeing the horses would be fun but cold showers and lines.... not my #1 choice for a vacation. The scenery does look lovely though and your camper looks great! I like the lights you have strung on it!!

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Those lights are from our very first pop up camper we bought used 10 years ago. They came with it. We have talked many times over the years about replacing them with updated strands but at this point they are like a sweet tradition we just can't give up.