Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winterized and Ready for Christmas...

Well, the Camper is winterized, covered and locked up for the winter.
This always makes me a little sad.
 Now it is time to focus on the Christmas Season. 
Our first order of business,getting our Christmas tree....
We may not have to traveled far to get our tree,
 but some how we still managed to make it into a family event.
Even if it was just to the K-mart parking lot!
 Next was the decorating....
And finally,
 we visited the National Gingerbread Competition in Ashville NC.
Can you believe this is made out of  Gingerbread?!
It was a great day, but if you plan to go, pack a lunch.
 This one sandwich, coke, bag of chips and gingerbread cookie was $17.

All in all, we had a great week
Even though the Camper is packed up and closed for the winter,
we still are always on the look out for a new campground to try next year.
On the way home from Ashville,  
we saw a sign advertising a campground we had never seen before.
 Of course, we had to stop and check it out.
We drove to the top of a mountain to find a campground with this view!
I know where we will be camping at some point in 2013!
You can read more about them here....



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