Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bridal Shower

This weekend, I did one of my favorite things....
I planned and hosted a party at my house.
We celebrated my niece Amanda's pending nuptials with a bridal shower.

 I have no idea why I love this kind of thing, but I do.
 It's hard work, expensive and still, I love it...
all of it!
 Planning, shopping, cooking and even, cleaning.
I love that my house gets cleaned and "fluffed" and we get to enjoy it for days.
I love all the family paper work that piles up everyday has to be dealt with.
(that might be my favorite part)

My mom and I made up our own punch recipe
 and I thought it turned out well.
 Here's what we did...

1/3 Part White Grape Juice
2/3 Part Ginger Ale
Sliced Pineapple and some of the juice.
(to taste)
Vanilla Ice Cream

I also tried my hand at floral design...

Note to self...Hydrangeas wilt if their stems don't reach the water. duh.
 I was stuffing fresh blooms in this arrangement all morning.
 It ended up being beautiful, but I will remember this for next time.
 I am still learning about the floral stuff.

One other thing that I think worked well...
A Tea and Coffee station. It seemed to be a hit.

 I had to serve the frosted grapes .Of course, they were it hit.

I guess my favorite part of these things would have to be the left over food.
 We will be eating cupcakes and chicken salad for days.

That's a good thing in my book!


  1. You love all this because you have the gift of hospitality my friend! That's why you're so great at it too! Everything looks beautiful!!!

  2. Looks like it was a lovely shower! I am sure your niece will always remember this as a special day.