Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scavenger Hike Adventures

As a new year begins, I start to think about what all I want to do in the next year. It seems, as I get older, the years pass more quickly and I have a hard time working in all I want to accomplish.

One thing I really want to get back into this new year is

Now, I wouldn't call us avid hikers. We are more like strollers, but we love to be outdoors
walking in the woods or standing next to a beautiful waterfall.

The Smokey Mountains are my favorite place to hike.
 They are just so beautiful...

but you must be careful
(just kidding)

I love it when my whole family goes hiking together. We laugh, talk, complain and just spend time together with no real distractions except for God's beauty all around us.

When my children were younger,
sometimes it was hard to keep them happy and focused on the trail.

A friend of ours told us about this book,
"Scavenger Hike Adventures".

 We brought it with us on a hike and we loved it. The hikes were so much more fun.
The book gives you different things to find all along the trail and turns
 your hike into more of a game than exercise.
The book is great because, not only does it keep the kids busy,
 but it also teaches them about nature and the history of the area they are hiking.
Now, we do most of our hiking in east Tennessee so this book is perfect for our hikes, but if you live in other parts of the country, you will need to find one written specifically for your area.
I found several copies available at Amazon.
 Here  is the link so you can get a copy of your own...

 I find this one for the Rocky Mountains
so I am sure there are many more from all over the country.
So let the New Year begin and let's all go Hiking!



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