Sunday, February 3, 2013

SMASH Book from K&Company

Look what I have found!!

I know,
I am so far behind, this video is a year old, but I am finally getting it! 

 This idea of this book just soooo fits the way my brain works. 

I see ideas, little things everyday I want to keep.  I have notebooks in my purse that I scribble ideas in, drawers filled with tickets, old drivers license and cards  that I just can't bare to part with. I also have 2 whole books shelves filled with magazines that I won't throw out because of  maybe one idea inside. 
With this book, I could go through all of them and tear out the ideas I love and have a place to keep them all.
I knew a single page from a magazine would just get thrown in the trash after a few months of laying around in a drawer.
This book would help me organize those thoughts, ideas and memories that are not scrapbook worthy.
The Smash books are available at Michaels  for $12.  That isn't a lot, but I am waiting for one of their  50% off coupons. $6.00 sounds way better to me, especially since I will probably will have to buy more than one!

Oh and they have a ton of accessories you can buy to go with them and since I know I will want some of those too, I will wait for a coupon!

If you don't have a Michaels near you,  you can purchase one here...

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