Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Charleston Campground Review

Wow, it has been a while,
 but never fear, I'm Back! 
and with a Campground review!
Can you believe it?

My  first review  in a very long time.
Partly because I've been busy with life and partly because we
 haven't camped any where new until this last trip!

For our vacation, I really wanted to go and do something different this year.
   My hope and desire was to up head north to New England's Cape Cod,
 but I just couldn't convince the hubby.
He just wasn't willing to pull the camper 13 hours.
With all of his sinus trouble this year, I knew it was a long shot!
Oh well, maybe one day...

So, instead, we decided to pull the camper 6 hours south to Charleston SC.
It was probably one of our very best camping trips to date!
One of the main reasons for that was because of the campground!

This is the view from the back of our camper! 
I mean, Really??  look at this view!
Does it get any better than this?
That's right, we were right on the edge of this beautiful lake! 

The campground is located on the grounds of the Oakland Plantation and 
they give their guests a free tour once a week! 

The plantation is small but beautiful and full of rich history. Also, the hayride is just so fun.

Now to the review...
I have almost all good things to say about this campground!! The location is close to everything! You are 5 minute drive from Isle of Palms beach and 20 minutes from downtown Charleston.  

The campsites are large, very clean and well maintained. 
The staff is extremely helpful and friendly.
I have only one complaint... 
The showers are just too small. 
There are clean and there are plenty of them, but they just are not quite big enough.  
That's it!! That's the only negative I could come up with!! 
This is definitely a big thumbs up!! 
Angel Oak is about 45 minutes away, but well worth visiting!
Kings St in Downtown Charleston is so wonderful if you love to shop!
This Campground definitely gets my "Comfy Camping" stamp of approval.

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