Monday, May 28, 2012

A Comfy Campfire 101

The best part of camping is the 
The benefits...
the warmth,
 the smell,
 the food,
the stories,
the friends,
and it is a great bug repellent.

A good ol' campfire is one of the main reasons we love camping! 
It is almost always the center piece of our trip.
 It's where we gather together as a family at night. 

Since it is such an important element to camping, I thought I should show you how we get ours started and some things to remember....

1. Only use fire-pits the campground provides. If they don't have a fire-pit, we don't go to that campground.

2. Clear any debris from around the pit. Especially, during the fall when dry leaves can really be a hazard.

3. Gather your wood. We usually bring our own, but you must check with each state. Some do not allow you to bring "out of state" wood with you.
Most campgrounds will have wood for sale, unless there is a burn-ban in effect.

4. We cheat....we use fire starter sticks. They are available in just about every grocery store, now, and they will make your life so much easier!!
(remember, we are "comfy campers". no rubbing sticks together for us) 

5. Place fire starter in center of cleared fire-pit, put kindling in a pyramid over it.

6. Light with lighter or matches. When the fire gets going, you can add larger logs.

 Safety First
Here are some things you must not overlook...

Never leave your fire unattened...for any reason.
Never build your fire too close to tent, camper, or car.
Make sure to always extinguish the fire.
Only build the size of fire you will need.

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  1. and another tip is: never put a tarp over your fire to keep the rain from putting out your fire--it does work, but only until the fire burns a hole in the tarp! LOL! Love this post--campfires are my favorite thing about camping!