Monday, April 9, 2012

A Winner And How to Set Up An iGoogle Account!!

The winner of our

Give Away......


Congratulations Chelsea! 


"How to set up an iGoogle account"

It is no secret that I am a blogaholic
I have a large list of blogs that I check on a regular basis.
(you can see my Blog Roll down the right side for a few of my favorites)

To keep from wasting time searching and
 typing, I created my own iGoogle account.
 I love iGoogle because it shows my
e-mail, blogs and even the weather all in one location.

For those who may not have an iGoogle account, 
I wanted to show you how it works and how you can set up your own! 

I found this video on YouTube that will walk you through it.
It is so easy.

The best part about  an iGoogle is that 
you can make it your home page.
 and you can make it pretty!
Mine looks like this for Summer!

My whole point is... 
get an iGoogle and add my blog!!

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