Friday, May 25, 2012

Dealing With The Bugs, No Problem

When camping, we know that we have to deal with bugs.
I hate them all with a burning passion!
With that said,
here are a few of ways we have learned to deal with them.

First, there is the bug spray.

If we are picnicking or hiking deep in the woods, this is my choice.
I always make sure it has Deet in it.
 I do hate the way the spray smells and feels when applied, but it works.
 Now there are wipes, and I like this a lot better. If you are not careful and keep the package closed, they will dry out.
So even if I buy these, I keep the spray on hand.

When we are just hanging near the camper, 
we use the citronella candles. They help, but are very limited.

Another good tip is to avoid perfumes or lotions with scents while you are camping. 
Bugs are drawn to scents.

I also love this bar of soap my friend Lorie makes. 
It is called the Rover Soap. It is all natural and really good for your skin. 
Read more about it 

 I keep a bar of this in the house and camper.
When I wash my hands with this, it repels bugs naturally.

My last tip and my favorite bug remedy,
 is a good ol' campfire.

Just can't be beat!

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