Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For The Love of Suds GIVE AWAY!!

Meet my good friend Lorie! 
She makes the best soaps money can buy!
She has graciously offered to do a giveaway for my blog!

You can visit her website 

Lorie began making her own household products because she did not like the harsh chemicals in most manufacturer products. She made her own dish detergents, laundry detergents and most everything else.
 She began making soaps for her own family and gave a few away as gifts.
 Everyone loved them so much they kept wanting her to make more.
 So, her business was born.

Here are some of her newest products made just for the gardener...
 bug spray, body scrub, lotion stick (for dry heels, hands, elbows), 

a loofa soap(great for feet) 

and a bar of gardners soap.  

Lorie has really done her homework on these products. 
She uses all natural ingredients in everything she makes.

I just love this photo! 
Wouldn't you love to have a bar of soap 
like this to cut off of at your house?

She even makes her own Lip Balms...
and scrubs...

Okay now for the giveaway...
Perfect for Campers!

1 Rover Soap
(great for campers and their pup. Keeps the bugs away)
1 Shampoo Bar
(perfect for campers, no bottles to spill)
2 Lip Balms
(great for anyone)

Here's how to Enter...
First become a follower of this blog if you aren't already.
 Click on "Join This Site" and follow the promptings.
Leave a comment below. 
That's all it takes.

Good Luck!!
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Give away ends Sunday @ Midnight


  1. Love your blog Jenny, so excited about this giveaway! Once you try our handmade soaps and bath products you will never buy mass produced again! All our bath products are "made-to-order" meaning FRESH FRESH FRESH!! Free shipping to all your followers by using code "JENNY" and always a money back guarantee for any reason.

    We will also give away a 5 pack sampler of our hotest summer scents (Lilac, Cherry-Lime Ade, Citrus Honey Bock, Rosemary Mint and Summer Love) to the follower who gets the most newbies to join this blog, just tell your friends to mention your name in a comment after they join, something like "Dolly sent me", is all that is needed! In case of a tie, no worries, both parties will win a set!

    Questions? Just post them here or email, also be sure to "like" our page at, for latest products, events and more chances to win!

    Happy Blogging!

    Handmade Soaps and Bath Products
    from The Heart of Appalachia

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog. We love to camp!! Would love to win the giveaway too!!

  3. There is nothing better than good soap, and blogging,

  4. Lovely photos! I am a big fan of hand made soaps, they always have great scents and amazing textures!

  5. i would love to try the scrubs<3

    twilight_aple at yahoo dot com

  6. Those giant blocks of soap are awesome! I'd love to have a big block like that in the bathroom to just keep shaving down when I needed it.

  7. Followed on GFC: Jennifer Yang

    These look amazing!

  8. im a new follower! wonderful giveaway!

  9. Thank you Jacqueline! I hope you enjoy my blog!

  10. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm following on GFC as "Danielle/See Shop Love!"

  11. So great! My name's Maria Luís and my email is