Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Camping Story...

Our stories start off very differently.
I grew up camping with my family and we had such fun. I loved those memories so much that I wanted my kids to have those same kind of wonderful memories.
My husband, on the other hand, never really experienced our kind of camping as a family.
His experience was more of the backyard tent camping with his buddies and so-called "camping" with the military...not so many wonderful memories.
To be perfectly honest, it took some salesmanship on my part to get him to even consider going camping with our kids.

Our first camping experience as a family began with us borrowing my mom's "Minnie Winnie" which looked just like this one...
tiny, but fun.
We had so much fun in that little camper.

Then she later upgraded to one like this...
Even more fun!

After venturing out in mom's campers and enjoying some really good experiences, 
my husband was ready for us to make our first camper purchase.

The first camper was a Viking pop-up.
(Please forgive the horrible photo. It is the only one we have of that camper)

After realizing that I am not a pop-up kind of gal, we moved on up to a Hybrid camper. 
 It looked just like this one.

I found that in order for me to have fun too, I really needed to have a kitchen and bathroom...plus, we have 3 girls...'nuff said. 
We loved this camper, but very quickly realized that we wanted and needed more space to fully enjoy the camping experience.

We traded for that camper within 6 months to this one..
I loved this camper and we kept it for 3 years. It was perfect when the kids were younger because of the bunk beds and pack-n-play for the all the "stuff".

Once again and as the kids grew, we decided we needed more living space. Instead of bunk bed space, we knew what we really wanted and needed, so we traded for this camper...
I love this camper! 
It meets all of our needs and most of our wants.

So there you have it, our camping story. 
It's not super exciting but it's ours!

I thank God for the opportunity to have such a fun hobby!


  1. Hi there. I saw your comment on Clover Lane and just wanted to stop by. Funny enough, we are planning our first camping trip this year! My husband has been camping and we went once in college with friends but we have never taken our girls camping and we can't wait! Stop by my blog if you get a chance!

    1. You are going to love camping with your girls. My girls always had such a good time! Be sure to let me know how it goes.
      I will definitively will visit your blog! Thanks for stopping by!