Monday, March 19, 2012

A Cool New Ribbon Tool

Before starting our weekend Crop, we stopped by our favorite scrapbook store to check out the lastest and greatest 
things available in scrapbooking.

They always have something different to make your pages really pop. 
 This is the tool they shared with us this trip.
  Sew Ribbon
We loved it and used on so many pages that I lost count! 

Cost is $14.99

Here is how it works....
 Magnets hold the paper between the two sides of the tool. 
You press the blade with a little pressure into the slots.
 This creates the cuts for the ribbon to slide through.

 Once you have pierced them all, remove tool and start sewing your ribbon.  It is that easy! 

Here are two of the many pages we created using this cool new tool,

(Please forgive the poor photography, I am still learning)
Here's a close up
It comes in 4 or 5 different patterns, so your ribbon will take on a whole new look, 
depending on which style you choose to use.

Happy Scrappin!

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