Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Thing That Scrapbooking and Camping Have In Common

Always Dress in Layers!!

 Something I learned this past weekend....Six women scrapbooking in one condo, 
each having a different body temperature, means the thermostat worked a lot harder than we did!

A dear friend noticed a similarity between
scrapbooking and camping...

 A Need to Dress in Layers

In camping, you dress in layers to combat the weather outside.
It is sometimes cool in the mornings and then will heat up later in the day.
Especially in the mountains.

 In scrapbooking you dress in layers too, but not due to weather, but to combat women having hot flashes
who sneak to the thermostat and turn it down 20 degrees!  

The key for both...
always have a sweatshirt handy!

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